The Lynch Racing Co. Acquires Iowa City Capital Partners’ Position in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Team BK Racing

The Lynch Racing Co., a division of Sport Venture Group, today acquired Iowa City Capital Partners’ stake in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Team BK Racing which was owned and controlled by Anthony Marlowe. Sport Venture Group (SVG) is a sport investment and holding company founded by a multigenerational family office to invest, hold...
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Sport Venture Group Launches Motosport Division

Sport Venture Group has launched a motorsport division to specifically focus on the acquisition of a stake in a NASCAR team.  The family office which wholly owns Sport Venture Group has a history in motorsport and NASCAR.  This venture is aligned around their heritage, passion and vision of owning a stake in a NASCAR team....
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Sport Venture Group Acquires Stake in Sputnik Enterprises

Sputnik Enterprises, Inc. (OTCQB:SPNI) (“Sputnik” or the “Company”) announces that Sport Venture Group LLC together with Windy River Group LLC acquired control of the Company on September 30, 2015. Pursuant to the terms of a Stock Purchase Agreement (“SPA”), dated on September 30, 2015, Sport Venture Group, LLC and Windy River Group, LLC acquired 5,000...
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