Sport Venture Group Launches Charleston Academy

Sport Venture Group has launched a multisport indoor club brand division today that will provide the programming for its newly launched Sport RE division.  Although the brand will operate in multiple cities, the first club will be based in Charleston, SC and called Charleston Academy.  The core sports it will focus on are volleyball, basketball and soccer (futsal), but won’t preclude other indoor activities as part of its business model in the future.

Anthony Gebbia, Sport Venture Group CEO noted, “Facility stress exists in every part of the country. Part of the challenge is the ability to demonstrate quality programming to support investment in new facilities which then create community economic impact through events. This is as clear to us today as it was when I developed and led the Logistics operation for ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at The Walt Disney World Resort. We look forward to assembling the best of breed team to support Charleston Academy and our partners at future facilities across the country.”

About Sport Venture Group
Sport Venture Group is a sport investment and holding company founded by a multigenerational family office to invest, hold and manage its various multisport interests. The company, from time to time, also advises key clients in the global sport space on Strategy, M&A, Commercial Partnerships and the like.

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